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Influencers love our Marlene Briefcase!

Influencers love our Marlene Briefcase!

Women today lead multidimensional lives, our work and home life overlaps. We no longer go to the office and straight home afterwards. Our day-to-day work can take us to different locations around a city or even abroad. After work, we meet friends for dinner and drinks. We collect our children from school and take them to after school clubs. We run businesses and run our households.

Rather than buying a new handbag every season and following trends, women are choosing to invest in timeless styles which promise versatility and longevity. At Maison Hēroïne we believe in quality over quantity. Rather than having multiple bags for different purposes, we believe you can have one bag for multiple purposes. Our Marlene Briefcase has garnered the attention of fashion influencers for this exact reason.


Our Marlene Briefcase’s understated elegance and functional design supports women in their everyday lives. It is perfect for modern women who appreciate classic shapes, you may have already seen it’s recognizable silhouette hung on the arms of fashion influencers as they love it for its simplicity and timelessness. 


It is very versatile and can be worn with any outfit you can dream of. Missmondo likes to wear her mint colored Marlene Briefcase with a blush pink coat, delicate skirt and heels, whilst Robertamariegervasi wears her black Marlene with a beige sweater, white shirt and white knee-high boots. Ffranzy has chosen to style hers over her shoulder with a camel coat and gingham trousers and Yurichat wears her tan colored Marlene with a blue shirt and tweed blazer.


Handcrafted in a family-run Italian artisan leather factory, our Marlene Briefcase is formed from soft and durable leather with minimalist hardware detailing, including our signature magnetic clasp. At the moment, it is available in multiple colors and leathers types. If you can’t find a style you like now, you’ll be happy to hear that we release new versions of the Marlene Briefcase each season. 


It is designed to accompany you throughout a full day, so there is enough space inside to fit a laptop, a lunchbox and a change of clothes. There is an extra pocket for business cards because it’s always best to be prepared for whoever you may meet. Not only does it have a sturdy handle but it also comes with a detachable shoulder strap that feels incredibly comfortable and doesn't cause any back pain even after a long day.

All of our products are produced under fair conditions. We believe in sustainable fashion and design with longevity in mind. Our Marlene is not to be worn only a handful of times but to be carried throughout a full and dynamic life. It’s a handbag you’ll love now and for many years to come.